A Trusted Name in Life Underwriting

IBU has been an innovator in life underwriting since 2000. Founded by Lincoln Tedeschi, president, and headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, IBU delivers underwriting expertise with a model that has made an impact on the industry. It is based on a simple concept to provide flexible and innovative underwriting solutions for underwriters by underwriters.

With a dedicated team of experienced life and health underwriters, IBU offers an innovative approach to improve quality and time service. By investing in talent and technology, we are able to capitalize on the knowledge and experience of underwriting professionals from remote locations and deliver robust information quickly and cost effectively.

IBU is pleased to be an expert resource for articles about the underwriting industry or for speaking engagements.. Media inquiries or requests for additional information can be directed to Karlene Burke, Office Manager, by calling 860-812-4325 or via email at: kburke@ibuinc.com.