Join the IBU Underwriting Team

IBU is committed to recruiting outstanding underwriting talent wherever it is.

IBU underwriters have substantial experience in life and or health underwriting. They are excellent communicators who are extremely dedicated to delivering quality. IBU underwriters are employees, not contractors, who excel in building relationships with our clients. Many IBU underwriters have been with the company for five years or longer.

As remote employees, IBU underwriters are very motivated to work from their homes. Work hours are flexible; however they work evenings and whenever necessary to deliver great service to IBU customers. Our underwriters will often work a few hours on the weekend in order to ensure excellent time service for our clients. Additionally, IBU underwriters work in teams and back each other up to accommodate days off and vacations.

While IBU may or may not be seeking underwriters at this moment, we are always interested in speaking with talented, experienced Home Office Underwriters who are looking to continue their underwriting career while having the flexibility to accommodate personal and family responsibilities.

For more information about an employment opportunity with IBU, contact Lincoln Tedeschi via email at via email at or call 1-877-203-4592.