Custom Underwriting Solutions

IBU is a nimble, innovative underwriting service provider that is privately held and operated by its original founder, Lincoln Tedeschi. IBU has on several occasions helped bring start up initiatives to maturity. We welcome the opportunity to help companies bring new products to market and stand committed to listening to the needs and requirements of our customers. Let us put our underwriting talent to work for you.

Client Examples

IBU provided a telephone underwriting solution which has provided fast turnaround for the majority of expert system kick outs. In addition, IBU provided a full underwriting solution for cases requiring Parameds or APS.

A company based in the Caribbean lacked underwriting resources for fully underwritten business and needed to outsource underwriting. Enabled by IBU's web-based system, IBU provided the necessary underwriters as well as system capability to achieve this objective.

A small fraternal company had its senior underwriter retire. Rather than hire an underwriter, the company uses an IBU underwriter to underwrite its cases. This has resulted in lower underwriting costs as the total number of cases that require underwriting does not require a full-time underwriter.

A brokerage firm who writes a high amount of disability coverage needed a resource to read EKGs. IBU now reads all of the EKGs as well as reviewing complex cases.

In addition, this company preferred to have IBU underwriters working on their underwriting system. IBU provided the desired underwriters who connected to the client company's underwriting system rather than the IBU system.

Improve turnaround time. Expand underwriting capacity. Reduce costs.