Beyond the Phone Interview

Prescription Databases for Law Firms
Our prescription database allows law firms to identify prescribers and medical records quickly and easily. Law firms use Rx reports from the prescription data base to instantly view clients prescription history and prescribers.

Using Voice Signatures in the Tele-underwriting Process
Voice Signatures are really useful for tele-underwriting as they provide valid signatures on the insurance application eliminating delays associated with obtaining an e-signature or wet signature after the telephone interview.

Point of Sale Underwriting
While expert systems are making in roads to providing instant underwriting decisions, point of sale underwriting allows companies to offer near instant underwriting decisions on a larger number of applications.

APS Summary Solutions
Very large APSs can bog down a home office underwriter and be a real productivity killer. APS summaries from IBU are an excellent way for underwriting departments to increase their production capacity.

Using Rx Reports (aka script check) Allows BGA's to Know More About the Applicant Than the Producer!
IBU has been providing prescription database check access to BGA's since 2011 and usage is growing.

Keeping Up with Demand
IBU is hiring underwriters underwriters to keep up with its demand for telephone underwriting and APS summary services.

Learn About Innovative Underwriting Solutions
IBU provides innovative underwriting services which save insurance companies money and enable innovative product development. Watch our 3 minute video to find out how!

IBU Auto Decline Guidelines Saves
Time and Money on Large APS Summaries

IBU has a solution that focuses resources on what matters most to save time and money.

Underwriting Depression and Anxiety
Get “The Story Behind the Pill” with an IBU Interview.

Dedicated Contract Underwriters Work When You Need Them
The demand for experienced underwriters is back. 2013 has been the best hiring year for underwriters since before the financial crisis.

Welcome to Summer Vacation Season!
Warmer weather means more people out of the office. But the need to maintain time service standards doesn’t take a holiday.

Learn About IBU’s Two-Pronged Approach to Reducing Workload
Home office underwriting departments overwhelmed with cases are turning to APS summaries to maintain service standards.

A Two-Pronged Approach to Reduce Underwriting Workload
Home office underwriting departments overwhelmed with cases are turning to APS summaries to maintain service standards.

Don't Monkey Around with Your Mortality
Simplified issue underwriting can be a slippery slope and companies often have had to modify products or processes due to worse than expected mortality.

Add Underwriting Capacity with Confidence
IBU APS Summaries are a proven solution to keep underwriting overflow at a low variable cost while maintaining time service objectives.

Get the Monkey Off Your Underwriters' Back
Are your underwriters and claims analysts bogged down reviewing contestable claims?

Need a better offer? Order an IBU MD Questionnaire!
When you need to clarify APS information, an IBU underwriter can call the doctor’s office or medical facility!

A Dedicated Alternative to Employing In-House Underwriters
Having an in-house underwriter is an attraction to recruiting agents and a necessity for presenting complex cases to carriers.

Point of Sale Underwriting
Smart companies are finding that differentiating in small ways can make a big difference.

Misconceptions Aout Investigating MIB Codes
IBU underwriters have years of experience so they are familiar with MIB and they know how to question the applicant.

Telephone Underwriting Has Arrived
Since June of 2000, IBU has employed experienced underwriters who have conducted thousands of teleinterviews and teleunderwriting interviews every month.

Telephone Interviews Using Experienced
Underwriters: 10 Years Later

An article by Lincoln Tedeschi in On The Risk examines the value and evolution of using experienced underwriters to conduct telephone interviews.

BGA Activity is on the Upswing
At IBU we've declared that BGA activity is officially on the upswing.

Offer solutions to BGA's and agents on rated
cases: IBU MD Questionnaire

Actual Case Quoted Table 2 by carrier brought to Preferred thanks to an IBU MD Questionnaire.

New Must-Have Underwriting Tool: IBU MD Questionnaire
Actual Case Quoted Table 2 brought to Preferred thanks to an IBU MD Questionnaire.

Reduce APS Counts
As the economy slows and aps counts decrease, life insurance companies are looking for ways to maintain the bottom line.

Get More Insight on Seniors with IBU Telephone Interviews
Getting the best underwriting information is essential – and an IBU interview can make the difference.

IBU Now Offers EKG Interpretations on All Case Summaries
With EKG interpretations, an IBU case summary service is an even greater value proposition for IBU customers.

BGA's Who Need Case Summaries
IBU provides a turn-key solution for BGA's who need case summaries for informal applications.

Clearing the Underwriting Backlog
If you need experienced underwriting help, one our underwriters may be available for temporary assignment.

IBU/APS Selection Guidelines
IBU is now making the IBU/APS selection guidelines available to all home office underwriting departments and BGA's.

Using IBU APS Summaries
IBU’s experienced underwriters and web-based technologies create a seamless, paperless system for securely transferring medical records.