Beyond the Phone Interview

Clearing the Underwriting Backlog

While many of our IBU underwriters prefer to work from home, a few are road warriors who work on-site at our client companies. There, they offer experienced, cost-efficient support during busy periods or for special underwriting projects.

Presently, we have three highly trained IBU underwriters who have been working on-site for over a year for one of our clients. This company’s need for temporary underwriting help is finally winding down, so we will have three highly-trained, experienced underwriters available for new assignments.

IBU can provide on-site support to help clear the underwriting backlog or for long-term assignments. Our underwriters are former home office underwriters who have a high degree of underwriting skill and experience.

On-site help is available for placement in early August, late August and September. If you need experienced underwriting help, one our underwriters may be available for temporary assignment. If you have a need to add underwriting support to your organization, seamlessly and cost-efficiently, call us today.