Beyond the Phone Interview

Using IBU APS Summaries

Home Office Underwriting departments have long been using IBU APS summaries to harness additional underwriting capacity effectively and with outstanding results. Now, the IBU APS Summaries Service for BGA’s and producers have been designed to meet the specific needs of the field force.

IBU’s experienced underwriters and web-based technologies create a seamless, paperless system for securely transferring medical records. Our underwriters are former home office underwriters with extensive experience and expertise.

APS Summaries for BGA’s and producers include case summaries that highlight all factors pertinent to risk selection. The objective is to present the case in the most favorable light to the home office underwriter.

In addition to a main summary, a complete Brokers Report also is provided. This blunt, honest assessment of the case contains a ballpark rating. If the case is likely a decline it will be noted in the Brokers Report only and not in the main summary. It also states the action needed to get the case placed as quickly as possible. This report is for the “producers eyes only,” and should not be forwarded to the home office.

Pricing is very competitive. With IBU’s APS Summary Service, BGAs and insurance producers can access and pay for exactly the amount of underwriting expertise they need, without having to hire an underwriter!

With IBU, there are NO set up costs or minimum usage requirements. And an APS Summary from IBU definitely gets the home office underwriter’s attention!