Beyond the Phone Interview

Get More Insight on Seniors with
IBU Telephone Interviews

Cases for older applicants represent some of the highest stakes in the insurance industry, with many cases generating six-figure first year commissions. Getting the best underwriting information is essential – and an IBU interview can make the difference.

IBU Interviews, conducted by experienced home office underwriters, give home office underwriters important insights that are not always part of ASPs:

  • IBU interviewers ask the right questions so you get a clearer picture of the older applicant. This includes providing a comprehensive medical history as well as an accurate description of the applicant’s daily living and functional activities.

  • IBU underwriters approach applicants in an intelligent, conversational way, making them feel comfortable providing more personal information.

  • Most carriers seriously consider an applicant’s lifestyle and functional abilities when underwriting older applicants. These critical insights can mean the difference between a rating and a standard offer.

Order an IBU Senior Telephone Interview on Your Next Large Case
Thousands of IBU telephone interviews are conducted every month for insurance carriers, BGAs and producers. For the cost of lunch, an IBU senior telephone interview is a winning investment for your older age cases.