Beyond the Phone Interview

BGA Activity is on the Upswing!

At IBU we've declared that BGA activity is officially on the upswing. While volumes are way down from the peak of last summer, they have rebounded nicely from the trough of last winter. Summer is usually a slower time for life insurance activity. However this year, we have noticed an uptick in the number of case summaries being requested by BGA's. Despite the lower volume of informals industry wide certain life insurance carriers are still requiring case summaries, while at the same time limiting the number of pages that can be submitted for informal submissions. Home Office Underwriting Departments have cut staff and are maintaining requirements for informals that were created during the height of the informal boom. Even if a carrier doesn't require a summary or have page limitations, informals with summaries make a home office underwriters job much easier and therefore get looked at more quickly.

This still means that BGA’s still have to summarize the case and also determine which pages to send to the carrier.

IBU solves this problem by now providing a separate PDF document containing only the most relevant pages from the APS’s. This PDF is provided in addition to the required case summary.

IBU, Inc, one of the leading underwriting service providers of APS/Case summaries to BGA's and Home Office Underwriting Departments, is now able to select only the PDF pages that are relevant to the underwriting decision