Beyond the Phone Interview

Need a better offer?
Order an IBU MD Questionnaire!

When you need to clarify APS information, an IBU underwriter can call the doctor’s office or medical facility!

When the volume of informals to carriers hit its peak in 2006-07, IBU began providing APS summaries to BGA’s. A BGA’s business is all about securing the best possible offer. In reviewing thousands of medical records for BGA’s, IBU recognized that on certain cases obtaining additional information from doctors offices could help BGA’s get better offers.

Many times APS’s are unclear. This is primarily due to physicians being busy as well as the fact that they are not taking notes for the purpose of life underwriting. Home office underwriting departments also are very busy and underwriters are pressed to make offers based on the information presented. All of this leads to home office underwriters generally leaning on the side of being conservative when faced with unclear information.

IBU MD questionnaires bring clarity to APS’s that are unclear. This leads to better offers.

Experienced IBU underwriters know exactly what to ask the physician’s office. In addition, the IBU underwriter may request additional records as well as obtain other sources of medical records. If an applicant has not recently seen a doctor, the IBU underwriter can interview the applicant.

The bottom line is IBU is equipped and committed to doing whatever it takes to help bring clarity to a case. Next time a case is rated, declined or needing additional information consider an IBU MD Questionnaire -- it is a "must have" tool for every BGA.