Beyond the Phone Interview

Using Rx Reports (aka script check) Allows
BGA's to Know More About the Applicant
Than the Producer!

IBU has been providing prescription database check access to BGA's since 2011 and usage is growing.

Life insurance companies use Rx reports extensively and especially when reviewing large premium, older age applications. BGA's usage of, Rx reports is rising as it serves as a low-cost, non-intrusive supplement to APS's. BGA's must maintain an underwriting edge to sustain its value proposition with producers. Using Rx reports allows BGA's to minimize surprises from carriers and to know more about the applicant than the writing agent.

Used extensively by carriers, Rx reports provide insight into an applicant’s prescription usage. Rx reports may also reveal additional attending physicians that were not revealed by the writing agent. The carrier will find out this information anyway so why get the information up front. Think about the impression you'll leave with an important producer when you tell them the medications the applicant is taking as well as the doctors the applicant has seen.

As long as a proper authorization has been executed, IBU BGA clients can conduct a prescription database check just like the carriers with no inconvenience to the insured.

Insurance carriers are using Rx reports and so are smart BGA's. If you have not encorporated Rx reports into your underwriting process you may be losing agents to a BGA who is.

Sample RX Report

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