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Prescription databases allow law firms to identify prescribers and medical records quickly and easily.

Law firms use Rx reports from the prescription data base to instantly view clients prescription history and prescribers. Clients don't always remember the names of the drugs they are taking or who prescribed them, so think about the impression you'll make when you begin the discovery process by telling the client the medications they have taken as well as the doctors they have seen. Click here to view sample Rx report.

Rx reports provide insight into an individual's prescription usage by collecting data from some of largest pharmacy benefits management (PBM's) companies in the country.. As long as a proper authorization has been executed and uploaded to the IBU system, law firms can obtain an Rx report on a self-service basis in less than one minute, and with no inconvenience to the client.

Insurance companies have used the prescription database for the last 15 years for medical underwriting and now IBU is making it available to savvy law firms. Pricing is on a per client basis and we are currently waiving the set up cost. If you have not incorporated the prescription database into your practice, you may be losing clients to someone who is!

Sample RX Report

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