Lincoln Tedeschi, CPC, President of IBU

Lincoln Tedeschi is founder and president of IBU, Inc. An innovative concept in a conservative industry, IBU has quickly become a trusted underwriting service provider to companies in the life insurance industry thanks to Lincoln’s knowledge, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout the 90's and early 2000's Lincoln worked for RJS associates in Hartford, Conn. where he was one of the leading "headhunters" of underwriters in the United States. At that time there was a shortage of experienced life underwriters. This caused insurance companies to often have to conduct national searches for underwriting talent. This greatly diminished the pool of underwriters a company could hire since most underwriters did not want to relocate. The result was companies paying expensive relocation packages for underwriters who were often recruited again to other companies within a few years.

This caused Lincoln to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and pursue a new way to deliver underwriting talent. Spurred by the maturation of the Internet, Lincoln conceived of and established IBU with the vision to tap into the talent of experienced underwriters who wanted to work from home.

In 2000, insurance companies were generally not equipped to have underwriters working from home. Lincoln envisioned that underwriters working from home could deliver value to companies by doing telephone interviews. Yet in June of 2000, IBU conducted its very first telephone interview. Today the IBU model of using experienced underwriters to conduct telephone interviews has allowed IBU clients to thrive in simplified issue underwriting. For fully underwritten business IBU Interviews, APS summaries and underwriting services improve turnaround time and reduce costs.

Lincoln's knowledge and vision offer a valuable resource to the life underwriting industry. IBU is an active member of numerous underwriting associations throughout the United States and Lincoln is often asked to present at industry meetings and events.